These are some of the best freelance communities to be a part of

For the starters or the pros, freelancing is constant work search process. It feels no great to work for 2-3 projects and seem left out. Being part of freelance communities will help to get work through numerous resources and know the updated information about the world of freelance. Here are some of the communities every... Read more

Tips to become a professional freelancer

One day, offices will become thing of the past. Love for work, passion-driven and living on their own terms and schedules, the professional freelancers are becoming the workforce of choice for many rising companies.  But becoming a pro freelancer takes time and commitment to work on few things. Here are some of the tips to becoming an... Read more

5 mistakes freelancers should avoid while freelancing

Some individuals become freelancers after working full-time and others, are self-employed from the day one. In touch base with both sides, freelancing not only brings you more relaxed life and gets more time to work on your personality, but also shows the unforeseen challenges. During challenges, its quite normal that freelancers make mistakes in which... Read more