How is brand engagement look like in 2020?

Engaging with the customers is the far custom that is followed in marketing. Companies need to change the way in the brand engagement process.  Digital transformation is a necessity for the companies to sustain its branding efforts in a long run. In this way, brands will adapt, and pivot their way in the future of... Read more

Why a business should start podcast as part of branding

Podcast is a great way to promote audio content and a powerful information sharing tool to the audience at mass level.In a way, podcast conveys direct messaging to the listener.It really helps businesses to create a unique branding feature to stand out in the crowd. Do you know: On average, people spend 4 hours a... Read more

5 rebranding strategies that we can learn from these companies

Rebranding means getting things done right so the customers will not lose their interest and company can keep up with the competitive forces. Here are some of the companies which implemented successful rebranding strategies that helped the brands to have strong sustainability. 1. High fructose corn syrup Due to the high rise of diabetes and... Read more

Rough sketch to final design. Behind the scenes of logo designing process.

Ah, the logo designing process. Yes, it’s a process. But, how long it takes to get that finalized (approved) logo. Logo creation doesn’t happen overnight. Designers work on the idea in 360 degree pattern, takes time of trial & error, working with typography, fonts and colors. There are many designs and “final” drafts that designers... Read more