Ways customers can break the brand

When customers are happy, it’s all good. Otherwise, they will express their reaction to as many people as possible. With the marketing tactics and media practices, brands sometimes they do take the product or service representation to the level that doesn’t suffice the positive image in the longer run. There are number of ways customers... Read more

Mahesh Bhupathi co-owned sports apparel brand “Zeven” gets International Cricket Council (ICC) merchandise in 23 markets

Mahesh Bhupathi along with former Nike country head, Hemachandra Javeri own a sportswear startup company “Zeven” has got merchandise rights of International Cricket Council (ICC) in 23 markets. This deal makes a mark as the biggest multi-geographical bet on cricket gear till date. This four-year contract for the company has exclusive licence rights to apparel, accessories and... Read more

The Psychology of Fonts

Fonts like color and design play a huge role in creating brand identity and the longer memory patch. It creates a sense of difference to the logo that can long last in our brains. The types of fonts include: Sans Serif. Serif. Slab Serif. Script. Blackletter. Mono. Hand. Decorative. Here is the timeline of how fonts... Read more