Walmart is launching new apparel and home brands in competition with other rivals

Walmart is launching four apparel and one matresses and bedding brands including it’s first kid’s clothing line to compete with other rivals such as Target and Amazon. This is to make a bigger brand image online and amaze shoppers with its exclusive clothing merchandise. The apparel brands are Time and Tru for women, Terra & Sky for plus sizes and Wonder Nation for kids. In accord with the other private labels, Walmart is introducing a new matress line called Allswell. Allswell will mark the company’s first digital brand, sold exclusively via rather than in stores. George, an existing company label which is incorporated from its British unit Asda, is reconfigured to sell only men related items. The company said that the brands will... Read more

An Era of AI : How AI can Disrupt the Brand Building Process

Personalization and predictability. Using AI, brands use these two attributes to make sure the customers can benefit the 360-degree experience. Brands started using AI to redo the feel and integrate the experiential design. Due to the fast pace technology, data sets are growing rapidly thus predicting the customer lifestyle and other buyer attitudes using the data science tools. AI has dominated the news last year and continues to grow its impact and to disrupt every industry, from Media, Advertising, all the way to Law and Medicine. when AI frost the top of most-demanded questions, the actual answers regarding buyers will be easily accessible thus whenever and wherever (Online comes first here) we want it. [bctt tweet=”AI can revolutionize the human-to-device... Read more

Check out the Apple’s new Christmas holiday ad

It’s about connection and transfer of love through music. The following is the Apple’s new Christmas holiday ad, where the story includes a woman who is walking down the snow-dusty street and she briefly stops and gets on to her iPhone X with the ear pods on and listens to Sam Smith’s ” Palace “.  While listening, she gracefully dances using the street as the private stage. The story adds the flavor when she bumps to a stranger and shares her ear pod in his ears, creating a connection and then both move together with an intense dance emotion. Here’s how the ad takes the end. As the couple draws near for a kiss, the magical darkness gives way to the... Read more

Best 5 time tracking apps for freelancers

Here are the top five time tracking apps for freelancers to increase their focus and productivity levels. Before checking the worthy apps, We need to understand why time tracking is important. The focus is everything. Especially in freelancing. Otherwise, one can lose the track of the time and can result in delayed projects. Ultimately, getting prospective clients will be a far dream. Now, let’s get right to the topic. Top Tracker Price: Free Top Tracker is one of the top time tracking apps for freelancers. This application specially designed for the freelance community. Keeping in mind of the requirements and necessities for the freelancers, these app enables team leads and individuals to effortlessly track progress with transparent and intuitive reports.  This is... Read more