Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for freelancers

Today, Social Media is a powerful marketing tool. This is the platform where freelancers can showcase to the prospective clients who you are. So, uploading profile info and adding work details isn’t enough. A slight mistake or misinformed updates can effect your freelancing career. Do’s Be consistent Sometimes, freelancers tend to neglect their social media presence. This may be because you’re having multiple projects to handle and doing pretty well for yourself is one of the major mistakes. So,  being consistent with the content that you post on social media will help letting people know what you’re upto with the career timeline. Stay connected with the current and previous clients Always be in touch with who you work for and... Read more

Ways to handle freelance loneliness

Most of the time, freelancers work in their own comfort zone. It can be at home or someplace where you can focus to the maximum. In the freelance world, time goes by without talking to one person and just immerse with the workload. Well, this can create a sense of loneliness and may effect the personality trait. Especially for people who used to be full-time employees, it takes time to adjust with the freelancing business. So, how one can handle the freelance loneliness? Here are some of the ways, Join freelance communities Freelance communities are a great way to network and be more social. Join a meet up or plan one. This will not only help to be with like-minded... Read more

5 Habits to double your freelance productivity

When freelancing multiple projects, optimization is the key. Many freelancers are still searching on how to be more productivity. You think you have all the time as a freelancer, but, the reality takes a different turn if one doesn’t keep up to the time properly. Freelancers need to develop habits that can double their productivity levels. In this way, they can make the most of their creative freedom. Here are some of the habits that can double your freelance productivity. Checklist method Who doesn’t like a good number of project to-do tasks that are already lined up on a notepad or a checklist app. Checklist method helps to stay focused and freelancer knows what he/she is already doing with the project.... Read more

How cryptocurrency can improve your marketing efforts

Dear Businesses, Have you thought of adding cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods? Companies like Overstock, Microsoft, Shopify, PayPal started accepting cryptocurrency payment method. Although it’s relatively new concept, cryptocurrency is making its way in multiple industries of the fact that it has lower transaction costs and secure. According to Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken the market is soon to hit $1 Trillion by this year end. Read more Wait, what is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a form of blockchain technology , that bitcoin and other worldwide ledger systems are based on. It is an open and shared databased that works in a decentralized network format. This allows users to transact anonymously without security risks. Read more This is how... Read more

Why a business should start podcast as part of branding

Podcast is a great way to promote audio content and a powerful information sharing tool to the audience at mass level.In a way, podcast conveys direct messaging to the listener.It really helps businesses to create a unique branding feature to stand out in the crowd. Do you know: On average, people spend 4 hours a day listening to audio.  (Salesforce blog) That’s good enough for businesses to notch up their branding efforts.  Here is why businesses need to start podcasting as part of branding. Easy to make  (No many steps involved) If you have a good headphone set and a microphone, you’re all set.Equipment is easily available and less priced.  Podcasts involves less complications and easily handled with the editing... Read more