How to plan for retirement as a freelancer

How to plan for retirement as a freelancer

In its fifth annual year 2018,  a survey by Upwork and Freelancer’s Union findings show that Americans are spending more than 1 billion hours freelancing. So, somewhere the freelance work is quantified in a much larger number. But, retirement plan is essential for freelancers too. With the perks of working anywhere, freelancing is gaining its momentum over the traditional work setting. But the lack of employer providing retirement benefits such as 401 (k) plan can make things confusing when one makes the retirement plan. Retiring with $1 million is not going to suffice the retirement success. As a millennial freelancer, one should understand the fact that as costs rise in the future, a dollar value will not be the same.... Read more

Blogs that every freelancer should follow

In the freelance world, one should actively sell their skillset and keep up with the current work trends. Blogs play an important role in setting freelance knowledge and the presence in the online community. To stay current in the field, blogs help freelancers to improve their knowledge about the world of freelance and utilize to their advantage. Here are some of the blogs that every freelancer should follow: Freelancer’s Union Freelancer’s Union helps with the content that explains the ins and out of the freelance business. The blog is especially important during the tax season- when many freelancers are trying to figure out how to report their wages and how much taxes they owe. There are Freelancers Union Spark monthly... Read more

Importance Of Storyboarding: Useful Yet Overlooked?

  Storyboarding is an essential phase of any creative process. But, this is not limited to video or image related content. Storyboards act as the blueprint and a great visual communicator across the in-house as well as remote teams. It helps individuals or teams to create engaging content. Storyboards involve subject outlining. It sets the first draft and walks through the content with great ease and flow. It gives the certainty and clearly intended message to the client in the end. When working in a team environment, it helps everyone to be on the same page. Storyboarding saves tons of time and creates 50 percent fewer problems. Getting started to storyboard First, the basic requirement of the storyboard is to... Read more

How is brand engagement look like in 2020?

Engaging with the customers is the far custom that is followed in marketing. Companies need to change the way in the brand engagement process.  Digital transformation is a necessity for the companies to sustain its branding efforts in a long run. In this way, brands will adapt, and pivot their way in the future of 2020. Rising use of technology Internet will be more normalized in 2020. The digitization will be spread across 2.5 billion smartphones across the world. In a way, smartphones will be the catalyst between brands and consumers. Data, Data and Data With the advent of data science usage, brands can selectively narrow down their consumer’s demographics and lifestyle attributes. In a way, data science is responsible... Read more

Important Insurance Policies When You’re a Freelancer or Solopreneurs

When it comes to freelancing or being a solopreneur, you’re a one-person army and one must need insurance policies. Your work, payroll, health, and other utility expenses are depended on your ability-to-manage all attitude. Insurance policies can be a luxury When your thoughts are like this: ” Why buy something you don’t need right now? ” But, it is essential and finding the right plan or quote isn’t difficult.  Here are some of the insurance policies to consider when you’re a freelancer or has a self-employed business. Health Insurance Healthcare is very expensive especially when you don’t have enough healthcare coverage. Without health insurance, even a minor injury can cost a fortune. For solopreneurs, take time to research and choose the... Read more