Top three alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a vector graphics editor , surely a genius tool from Adobe family. Designers showcase their skills on Illustrator platform to create logo designs, typography and icon design. This industry standard tool has helped the novice as well as expert designers to learn, create and showcase their creative skills. First developed for the Apple’s Macintosh in 1986, the latest version, Illustrator CC 2017, is the twenty-first generation in the product line. Adobe tool isn’t the only vector tool that is available in the market. Based on the standards and the quality standards, Here are the top three alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. CorelDraw X6 Corel Draw is by far the best alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Using Corel Draw, on can... Read more

The Art of Stage- Oscars 2017

And the Oscar goes to…? As presented by the Hollywood esteemed celebrities to the winners of Oscars 2017, the 89th academy awards, it celebrated the diverse potential of many talents of cinema. Everything has to be in full-fledged perfection. Even, the stage. As the stage takes the major limelight cut, it embodies the Oscar’s brand representation. So, who designed the stage of the world’s top award ceremony, the Oscar. For the last five years, Broadway production designer, Derek Mclane, has had the responsibility of creating the sets. This year, the stage represented the glory of Hollywood’s golden age,with geometric , bold forms made of glass metallics, included about 3,00,000 Swarovski crystals. Eleven towering Oscar statuettes, seen in the center of the sketch,... Read more

The Psychology of Fonts

Fonts like color and design play a huge role in creating brand identity and the longer memory patch. It creates a sense of difference to the logo that can long last in our brains. The types of fonts include: Sans Serif. Serif. Slab Serif. Script. Blackletter. Mono. Hand. Decorative. Here is the timeline of how fonts evolve in various brands. How viewers perceive fonts? Font choices are said to be better when people notice the overall message, not the font. For example, Take Disney logo, Kids at the age of 6 they perceive the Disney typeface as a  whole message, but, when asked, they cannot mention the individual letter design. In Disney logo, the D looks like a reverse G. Fonts... Read more

Effect of 3D Printing on Designers

First became visible in 1980’s, 3D printing has lot to offer these days for the designers. As fast as the 3D printing industry is growing, soon, it is going to became a household product name and people can create the basic necessity prototypes and concept models. From making customized shape pancakes to the toys, the options are endless.  Check out the 3D printing process of custom shape pancakes here . Then, What does 3D printing means for designers? Living in the world of 3D printing mania, the efficiency will increase with the 3D designs. With minimal consumption of time and without wasting valuable money in a larger scale, designers can reflect their ideas through a series of multiple 3D designs, test and adjust before the final approval. in a way, designers can generate multiple... Read more

Portfolio Websites That Designers Can Make Use Of

For any designer, the reflection of his/her work is the portfolio.  Portfolio showcases the talent as well as the passion towards the designs. Here are the best portfolio websites that I have come across for designers. Squarespace  It’s clean and crisp designs makes Squarespace one fo my favourites. Its’s design templates come with hundreds of customizable features. From online stores, Portfolios to the Photography & Wedding, Squarespace offers templates according to its industry-specific usage.  It has its very own IT department, with free unlimited hosting, good security features and around-the-clock customer support. Squarespace has both personal & business price points. Pricing details can be found here. Wix Wix is the designer-friendly site. The company offers exceptionally beautiful website templates.  With millions of users... Read more