Work Away from Home: Interesting Places Where Freelancers Work

Work Away from home-Interesting places where freelancers work

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One of the major perks freelancers has is the work flexibility. They don’t have to worry about dreaded commute time every day. Freelancers can work as per to their comfort level. (Couch, Dining area & Patio etc) 

On the other hand, it can become lonely working from home all day. There can be distractions and a slight plummet in work motivations that can hinder your productivity levels.


So, to break the monotonous work-from-home style, here are some of the interesting places where freelancers can choose to work.

Coffee shops

Ah, my favorite. Coffee shops are one of the most popular spots where freelancers like to work and network with fellow freelancers. It’s the unique vibe that improves the creative and productive work levels.

Also, have a meet up at a coffee place. This can increase your networking connects and can lead to future freelancing prospects.

Tip: Try to avoid working in busy hours such as breakfast and evening time. Also, have a cup of coffee for every hour you spend.

Desk rental

You can rent out any spare desks available at the agencies nearby. Sites like Deskcamping, ShareDesk, or Breather help freelancers to find available desks in your area. Like co-working spaces, this service gives you access to office amenities and a chance to network.

Local parks

One of the productivity hacks is to be out in nature as much as possible. Parks are one such place. Perks include no time limitations, sit wherever you want and fresh air. (Oh Yes!)

Tip: It is possible to tap into free Wifi access, but, not all parks have complimentary Wifi. In this case, bring your own hotspot.

Grocery stores

Sounds unusual, isn’t it?

These days we can find a small cafe or eating options accompanied next to a seating area. With the available Wifi access, you can work and also do some grocery shopping on your way home.

Someone else’s home

If one of your friends, family or neighbors who also work from home, then, ask if you can come over and work. This can feel like little uncomfortable (working from another home environment), but, this is a great motivational effort. Working from another home can create a great work discussion or a brainstorming session that leads to a productive workday.

Also, you’ll motivate each other to complete the project, if you’re feeling laidback on your work.

So, here are some of the interesting workplace options that freelancers can make the most of it. In this way, freelancers can break-up the monotony and take time to socialize.

Just getting a workspace isn’t enough for freelancers. There are some few things required to fullfill the productive work environment. Check out the essentials needed on the freelancers desk

What are the other options that you choose to work? Are there any apps to explore the workplaces. Please let me know in the comment section.

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