Ways to handle freelance loneliness

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Most of the time, freelancers work in their own comfort zone. It can be at home or someplace where you can focus to the maximum. In the freelance world, time goes by without talking to one person and just immerse with the workload. Well, this can create a sense of loneliness and may effect the personality trait. Especially for people who used to be full-time employees, it takes time to adjust with the freelancing business.

So, how one can handle the freelance loneliness? Here are some of the ways,

Join freelance communities

Freelance communities are a great way to network and be more social. Join a meet up or plan one. This will not only help to be with like-minded people but also helps to get some freelance business or collaborations.

Work away from home 

Take a day or two a week to work someplace else other than home. It can be a coffee shop or co-working space (Try WeWork, Regus and other working spaces available nearby). This helps your mind to rejuvenate and your routine blends with a fresh mindset.

A freelancer’s date

Meet a fellow freelancer or an ex-colleague. Make a coffee plan before u start your work or a lunch date to break the routine.


After work, try to catch up with an online course or join college for part-time classes. This will take away the routine work pressure and freshens up your memory with new and updated knowledge. Also by doing this, you can take your career to the next level.


Volunteering helps you feel good and builds relationship with people. Join a sports club or handle events near by.

There are many other ways freelancers can manage their work life and get in touch with the people. Channeling the time with full creative freedom definitely helps to handle the freelance loneliness.





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