Trends that will Shape the Future of Work Model

The Future of Work

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The future of work is buzzing everywhere at a rapid pace with the innovation and the adoption of new technologies.

But, for many, this concept is fairly new. So, let’s dive in the definition of Future of Work:

The future of work offers unparalleled opportunities, but also significant challenges. Globalization, technological progress, and demographic change are having a profound impact on society and labor markets. It is crucial that policies help workers and society at large to manage the transition with the least possible disruption while maximizing the potential benefits.

Source: OECD

According to the Mckinsey Global Institute, for example, identified automation and artificial intelligence (AI) as key drivers in changing the nature of work.

Also, survey by IDG states interesting facts. some of the key takeaways include:

  • Today’s enterprise is all about the customer, and IT needs to get on board.
  • Culture and lack of collaboration are biggest transformation barriers.
  • Intelligent automation will have the biggest impact in the year ahead.

Let’s see how some of the trends are reshaping the Future of Work Model that is suitable for the current thriving workforce.

Automation- Mandatory?

As there is an acceleratory shift with Automation in the work environment, the technological skillset seeks the highest demand and plays a vital factor in selecting the TalentPool. In this way, companies will become more agile and be sustainable to keep up with future demands.

Stay competitive

Companies will need to make significant changes in-house in terms of operations, HR, and update the necessary technological equipment. This helps the companies in engaging the Future of Work experts to stay ahead.

When it comes to freelancers or remote workers, one has to learn and stay ahead with the trends. One way is to be part of freelance communities to discuss and explore the career options and stay top on the news and other trending topics.

Platform to nurture and hire talent

Companies should come up with marketplaces that suit the current market needs. This helps in bridging the talent with the clients and makes the Future of Work stronger.

Reinvent the recruitment process

Employers are experiencing a heavy challenge in finding the right talent with rapidly-increasing technology-enabled workplaces. Most of the startups are technology-based and working on innovation.

These days, staffing is a top business challenge for their organization. every company needs to address this issue and streamline the recruitment process according to the present scenarios.

The bottom line is that the digital workplace of the future will be shaped by both technologies in prior and human resources. Automation and AI will go hand in hand.

What are the other trends you think will impact the Future of Work model? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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