Top freelancing trends to look forward in 2019

Top freelancing trends to look forward in 2019

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The new methods of supporting the freelancing is increasing yearly. With the increasing demand of the digital talent, we will be seeing more innovation and change at its best in future.

Facts about freelance market:

We can say that there is more room to grow for freelance industry. Here are some of the top freelancing trends that we can look forward in 2019.

Transparency through Blockchain

Blockchain will have a bigger and important role in the freelancer’s journey years ahead. It enables reliable and faster payments.

One of the freelancing hassle is being late paid and not paid at all for work that freelancers have completed. This is where blockchain comes in picture. When a freelancer completes a project for a client, his or her work contribution will be noted on the blockchain. This not only helps freelancers to verify the skills and talents they’re promoting but also gives companies an easier way to assemble teams with higher talent. The transparency will bring high value to the freelancer workforc.e

Emerging new co-working spaces

Top co-working spaces such as WeWorks and Regus have already established with a solid number of locations across US market. By 2019, there will be more unusual yet effective coworking spcaes available. A startup called Spacious make use of empty restaurants by offering them up to freelancers and others without an office as an alternative to crowded coffee shops. The ambience changed and booths became conference rooms. The lighting is less harsh and more nicer. So, by the end of 2018, the company is expected to be in 100 restaruants.
(Source: Business Insider)

So, there is a co-working space to choose for every solopreneur or freelancer according to their suitable hours. It helps to break the monotonous work-from-home style. There are also other interesting places where freelancers work.

Design Psych

Work Away from Home: Interesting Places Where Freelancers Work

New technologies, New freelancing roles

New technologies will call for new freelancing roles. As Augmented Reality, AI and Virtual Reality is taking over, freelance roles like Data engineer, UX designers will be in popular demand.
According to Neil Sahota, IBM’s Master Inventor, “In the near future, a whopping “90 percent of all technology will have an AI component to it.”

Freelancers hiring freelancers

To secure big projects, diversify the income offerings and striving to be in top demand, the top skilled freelancers will be hiring other freelancers to collaborate on the projects and make multiple tasks to be done on time.

In this way, there will be more free-up of time to develop additional skillsets and to establish as an expert figure in the required field.

More mixed work models 

One main reason to choose freelancing is the flexibility to work where and when. With the changing work models among big corporations, there will be more openness with the options such as full-time with remote working opportunities will be provided considering the changing work mentality.

Corporations choosing freelancers

There is a misconception that freelancers are meant to be hired mainly among bootstrapped start-ups and smaller companies. But, not anymore. Fortune 500 companies are increasingly shifting noncore jobs, such as marketing, human resources and procurement, to gig workers in order to focus on the things they do best, like manufacturing, export/import services, research and development.

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