Tips to become a professional freelancer

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One day, offices will become thing of the past. Love for work, passion-driven and living on their own terms and schedules, the professional freelancers are becoming the workforce of choice for many rising companies.  But becoming a pro freelancer takes time and commitment to work on few things.

Here are some of the tips to becoming an allrounder in freelancing business and make yourself worth valuable to the companies and clients.

Have a designated workspace.

Maybe it can be your home or be working from some hub, make sure you allocate the workspace so that you can focus more and it helps to be more productive.

Find your network

Freelancing doesn’t have to be a solo game, you can find people who have the similar skillset or working in similar field. Join a meetup or participate in some freelance community events to network. This can help to trade your skillset or you can find new projects from other freelancers who are too busy handling other projects.


Freelancing can be hard when you’re working on the project for long hours. So, unplug from the strenuous work and make sure to allow yourself a personal break to enjoy a cup of coffee or go for a walk. You can also focus on your hobbies or learn some new skills.

Update portfolio

Make sure to devote some time ( an hour per week) to focus on your freelance profiles and individual portfolio. Update as per on basis with every project and make sure your salary requirement is in accordance with the market demand and your client base.

Set your schedule

Freelancing is not 9-5.

So, set your own schedule and make sure you complete the projects in time and submit to the clients before the due date. Also, look at the rate of your productivity while setting the dates and time. You don’t want to work hard on a Saturday night unless the project is required.




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