Questions clients must ask before hiring a freelance designer

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Choosing a freelance designer is a process. Hiring a wrong (or should I say not very impressive in his or her work) freelance designer can make or break your business reputation and cause chaos in the branding objectives. Regardless of the scale of the project, it is very important to bring in the right person to do the job.

Ask these five questions before hiring a freelance designer:

1. What is your work routine?

This question will ensure your queries on how well the designer can fit in your project timeline.

For example: If the project demands 30 hours per week, will the designer be able to dedicate enough time each week to complete the project? 

Find out how booked they are with other clients and is it realistic for them to take up on your project. Don’t forget that your project should be a fulfillment on both the sides not an additional workload for the designer just to make money.

2. What is your design timeline?

This question will describe how well the designer is able to articulate the process with a clear-cut clarity and understanding. Otherwise, it could mean that the designer has a lack of understanding and experience to suit your needs.

A well-explained design process will develop trust between client and the freelancer and a key to long-term success.

3. Do you have a personal branding (website or blog)?

Freelance designers who develop personal branding by establishing their own online presence will bring additional expertise , advice and value- beyond the deliverables of what they’re asked for.

4. What are your past client testimonials?

If the freelance designer does have a offline portfolio or a website dedicated a section to testimonials or positive reviews from their past clients, it is an indication that his or her clients are happy with the work and willing to publicly vouch for them.

Otherwise, the clients are not able to sustain positive relationship with the designer.

5.  What are your payment terms?

This is one of the crucial question to ask. Before discussing the project payment, ask the designer about their own payment terms or how they usually go with the payment process.

There are a number of ways freelance designers charge. It depends on their lifestyle they are leading or having any financial commitments in hand.

For example: Some ask for 50% upfront fees and some in handling large web-design projects, they quote a total amount based on an estimate of days required to carry out the work, which is presented to the client in a full proposal.

Asking this question will ensure a clarity in the payment method and helps in achieving the project result in time without any financial complications.

So, here few that I thought of. Please let me know any questions that I should know of in the comment section.


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