Must have apps for freelance designers

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Freelance designers have to manage their projects i.e. from time-management to handling invoices. Finding work, doing work and again finding work. It’s a constant process and can be a chaos without proper organization.

If you’re the freelance designer, then, these are the must have apps for those crucial tasks. These apps and tools will let you spend less time on managing and more time on actual creative work.

1. Email management

Fast Co. Designs

Boomerang has been since 2011 and it’s a time-saver. It’s an easy interface where designers can schedule their emails during business hours so that your client won’t be bothered at 1 am. This Gmail plugin has also cool features such as measuring the word strength, politeness of your email and also, the subject length.

2. Handling documentation

Hello sign


Handling invoices is the ‘task’. To make it easy, check out the Hellosign

Hellosign is the powerful platform for handling business agreements. Used by the company’s clientele such as Samsung, General Assembly and Intuit, it’s easy that lets the freelancers to fill out, sign the documents and send it the client without leaving the gmail browser. Yes, it has the gmail plugin. Brand customization and extensive integrations are the plus features.

3. Time management

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Too simple and in need of a easy access to time, Toggl is a tool where you can take advantage of time tracking and assigning priorities in the right order. Several app add-ons and product integrations, designers can also calculate the billable client hours. Check out this to know how to use Toggl to calculate the billable client hours.

Also, To know more about on the time management apps, visit:

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4. Keep up with finances


Budgeting for freelancers is the crucial task. If you have a dull month or your clients don’t pay you on schedule, you want a backup finance. Plus, taxes will add up on you when they aren’t getting taken out of your pay check incrementally. To handle with the expenditures, Digit checks your spending habits and moves money from your checking account if you can afford it. You can easily withdraw your money any time. The good part, It’s all automated.

5. Handling invoices

For handling invoices, an incredibly invoice generator that you can link to your Stripe account to collect payments. It’s a easy and quick process.


Also, do you use any other apps that makes your organizing life a little better?

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