Graphic design trends to watch for in 2017

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We like trends. Don’t you agree?  Whether it is in fashion or with the latest technology, We do look for new and exciting changes. Why not apply the same for graphic design?

Here are the graphic design trends to watch for in 2017.


“Micro 16 GB USB Flash Drive” (Advertising Agency: Nolin BBDO, Canada)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. –  Leonardo Da Vinci.

My favourite, less clutter and more impact. Minimalism is one of the most influential designs today. Simple things often require a lot of work to create the impression. Only necessary functions are used in the design. A single typeface, pared down palettes are mostly focused on.  Colour, typography are the factors essential in minimalism designs. These are more fun, child-like.As you see in the Sandisk design, the message includes the functionality details.

As you see in the Sandisk design, the message includes the functionality details.



Very throwback but, keeping modern alive. Modern retro designs are fun, child-like and the audience will be nostalgic whenever they come across a modern retro design. The designs are light and easy. Some of the techniques that were made popular by flat design, particularly in terms of color and iconography. Themes like tech and music are easy to work with and easy for users to understand.


Web Designer Depot

Responsive logo designs pop up to show us there are still novel, practical and fun. In exploration into scalable logos for the modern web, responsive logo designs are customised to the device that user look into. Users can resize the browser (Or rotate the device) to see the reductions based on screen size. The responsive factor helps the user to connect with the design and the designs are more memorable.

[social_warfare buttons=”Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn”][social_warfare buttons=”Google Plus”]Combining CSS media queries, a touch of JavaScript, and SVG injection, designers can have a robust solution for implementing responsive logos.


Mind spike design
Ollie Hooper

This design is trending in vector illustration and we’ll see the things low-poly break into the graphic design world. Complete layouts, such as posters, flyers, and stationery design will bring together beautifully detailed. Low-poly illustrations with brand logos and typography are big time influencers. If Picasso is alive, he definitely loves low poly.

If Picasso is alive, he definitely loves low poly.


Tilt Brush, Google

The future of graphic design.

“One of the amazing things about VR is that everybody is figuring this out from scratch,” says Michael Abrash, Oculus’s head scientist.

Virtual Realty engages user’s senses, but the images completely fill our field of view, so understanding how to use colour and composition, in particular, is vital. Designers need to understand the 3D space and look for audience demand. These can help the designers to adapt the experience in the designs accordingly.

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