Essentials needed on the freelancer’s desk

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Being productive without 9-5 work-time constraint is exciting yet challenging part of freelancer’s life. What makes a freelancer’s life more productive and easy to execute things. Here are some of the essentials that are needed on the freelancer’s desk.


A desk calendar or virtual calendar is important for freelancers to keep track of their project timeline. Being unorganized won’t get freelancers any projects and will not sustain a consistent client base. Also, this habit won’t impress fellow freelancers. Having calendar save freelancers so much time in hunting through emails to see what and where’s their project is progressing up to.

Window view

We all have our own idea of what helps us be productive. But, having your workspace by some natural light can encourage regular working hours and help you develop a routine that will make you become your most productive self.

Coffee/Water- your choice

For certain projects, a freelancer spends a lot of time in finishing up the projects at a stretch and this consumes a lot of energy. So, freelancers need to be alert by keeping any beverage of their choice( a cup of coffee/Water)  and can get things done with greater ease.

A clean desk

As quoted by Benjamin Franklin, “For every minute of spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

Being organized is the key to lead a productive and efficient freelancer life. A project can be completed in shorter time, that means good record with the clients and finally resulting in earning more projects.


An organized file folder

Freelancer need to save invoices, important contract agreement documents, and other financial papers in one place but with different folders. Keep the documents organized as project basis but not as category basis. So that, whenever any file that is required for that particular project, you can automatically go to the project folder and tasks completion will be much smoother.


Put a timer on your desktop and set it every an hour interval to give yourself regular breaks of few minutes. but, use the break productively. Studies have actually shown that coming away from the desk at regular intervals encourages you to come up with fresh ideas and work solidly for the next project step. It’s not a necessity, but this has proven to be a great method to increase productivity.


It can be an ergonomic chair, a sturdy desk at the right height or a wrist rest to support your hands while you’re typing – choose what you need to make you feel comfortable and get the things roll.









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