Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for freelancers

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Today, Social Media is a powerful marketing tool. This is the platform where freelancers can showcase to the prospective clients who you are.

So, uploading profile info and adding work details isn’t enough. A slight mistake or misinformed updates can effect your freelancing career.


Be consistent

Sometimes, freelancers tend to neglect their social media presence. This may be because you’re having multiple projects to handle and doing pretty well for yourself is one of the major mistakes. So,  being consistent with the content that you post on social media will help letting people know what you’re upto with the career timeline.

Stay connected with the current and previous clients

Always be in touch with who you work for and to whom you have worked for. It’s very important to stay connected. This showcase your work credibility and will make them more likely to work with you in the later projects.

Try multiple channels

Apart from being on Facebook and Twitter, choose specific online networking and community channels which can help your profile to reach out to the right audience more importantly prospective clients.

Be social on social media

Social media isn’t a one way street. Interaction helps audience to know more about you and your work. It results in connecting with the people at a more personal level. those who want to build their own personal brand, this is one of the effective ways of communication.

So, answer questions, participate in discussions, and ask for feedback.


No social media goal??

Creates confusion. when using social media for business purposes, don’t use it with no relevant and effective information. With no Social Media goal, it’s a clear waste of your time.

Work from the scratch, Decide what is your content is all about and provide valuable information to your target audience. Extract something meaningful for your career when using social media.

Talk about your projects, not about clients

Let’s say an international travel website need your help in content writing. Then, comes the sharing your excitement on social media saying ” International travel website asked me with the content writing process. I’m so excited”.

It’s absolutely ok to share your work updates but there are few things that you should never divulge about the clients. It can be about:

  • How much client is paying you?
  • In-depth project details
  • Anything that is covered in non-disclosure agreement.

It is a good way to lose your contract and can be sued.

Combine personal and work profiles? Answer: No

Looks less of a hassle but if you want your freelance business to be at some level of professional or serious, keeping your work profile from the personal pics and information is a smart decision.


Be sure of what you want to portrait on social media. The reflection of who you are on SM can take your career to the next level or left with no project in hand.

















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