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In the freelance world, one should actively sell their skillset and keep up with the current work trends. Blogs play an important role in setting freelance knowledge and the presence in the online community.

Blogs can help freelancers to stay current and enhance their work which results in better clientele.

To stay current in the field, blogs help freelancers to improve their knowledge about the world of freelance and utilize to their advantage.

Here are some of the blogs that every freelancer should follow:

Freelancer’s Union

Freelancer’s Union helps with the content that explains the ins and out of the freelance business. The blog is especially important during the tax season- when many freelancers are trying to figure out how to report their wages and how much taxes they owe. There are Freelancers Union Spark monthly events where you can meet fellow freelancers and this increases the possible work collaboration.

Knowing important tax terms helps to ease the tax filing process. Here are the tax terms that every freelancer should know.


Problogger has a community of over 300,00+ bloggers. If you’re a freelance blogger, this blog helps to provide content on professional blogging and content-driven strategies. Check out “5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Without Relying on Google Traffic.”



In the world of freelance, factors like self-discipline and work ethic play an important role in the success rate. Zenhabits blog content helps you to keep a check on your stress levels and sanity in place. This helps freelancers to navigate this sea of uncertainty, and bring order to the chaos. Check out:

3 Simple Mindset Shifts to Transform Your Work Tasks


The Branded Solopreneur

The value of the brand and content is very well explained int he branded solopreneur blog. It offers great tutorials, how to’s and visual strategies to up your freelance digital marketing game. Check out “20 Visual Marketing Strategies to Help You Propel Your Brand.”.



This blog provides you to create quality content and drive a successful content marketing strategy. This will definitely improve your writing skills and make you a better freelancer. In a way, the better content-more client offers. Check out “53 Freelancing Mistakes That Are Costing You Clients, Cash, and Credibility.”




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