The best affordable or free logo maker tools for business

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Do you know that almost 50% of human brains are involved in visual processing. Going by this, companies strive to make sure their business logo far more memorable as possible in the minds of customers.

When it comes to logo design, many companies (Big ones) make use of the in-house creative department. If not, companies hire freelancers for that particular project and give the company’s specific requirements (Target market, vision etc) to them.

Speaking of small businesses, company used to have only two options when they wanted to finalize and generate logo. Either, they could spend thousands of dollars on professional designers, or they could attempt to create a design their own. The generated logo using the second option may or may not be that great.

But, times have changed. there are several logo maker tools and websites that are now available. Among them, here are the five tools to find the best free logo maker for your small business depending on your needs.

1. Logo maker by ucraft 

                                              Logo Maker by ucraft

This logo maker is a free app provided by ucraft for those who don’t have a logo yet! Companies/individuals can create a logo with the help of texts and an icon and are free to export it as a transparent .png file for future use and can reuse it everywhere.

The best part is its free 🙂

2. LogoEase

LogoEase is a website where you can create your own logo and download it free for your future reference. If you are not satisfied, you can avail the custom logo design services for $199.

3. Graphic Springs

                                                    Graphic Springs, Shopify

The highly customizable feature in Graphic Springs online logo creator is top notch. One of the great features they have is the ability to break down logo types depending on your business.  Here are some examples: 

  • Food and drink
  • Abstract
  • Letter based and many more.

You can also hire someone from their team to create a totally custom logo for you if you aren’t satisfied with their logo creator.

4. Logoshi

                                                                             Logoshi, Shopify

Taping on the most creative of the list, Logoshi is a fantastic logo maker tool for people who wants to create custom logo.

All you have to do is draw or sketch what you’d like your logo to look like, enter your ecommerce / blog name and it will automatically create a stunning logo for you in seconds.

It’s a really great service if you’re  looking for something very custom, while maintaining a professional look.   



                                      , Tech review pro

Simple and totally free, Free Logo Design is a logo maker entirely free allowing entrepreneurs, very small and medium companies, artisans or associations to create professional looking logos in few minutes.

This is the most advance HTML 5 logo maker/creator in the market, allowing you to use our tool hassle-free through a smartphone or a tablet. With Free Logo Design, you can design your logo whenever and wherever you want.

After creating logo design, you can download the logo for free or get a high-resolution file for just $59.

So, readers, here are some of the logo maker tools which some are free and you can get a custom made logo at an affordable price.

What are the other logo maker tools did i miss that are worth of?

Please update in the comments.




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