Best 5 time tracking apps for freelancers

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Here are the top five time tracking apps for freelancers to increase their focus and productivity levels.

Before checking the worthy apps, We need to understand why time tracking is important.

The focus is everything. Especially in freelancing. Otherwise, one can lose the track of the time and can result in delayed projects. Ultimately, getting prospective clients will be a far dream.

Now, let’s get right to the topic.

Top Tracker

Price: Free

Top Tracker is one of the top time tracking apps for freelancers. This application specially designed for the freelance community. Keeping in mind of the requirements and necessities for the freelancers, these app enables team leads and individuals to effortlessly track progress with transparent and intuitive reports.  This is a time-tracking software designed for remote teams and individuals.

TopTracker is completely free and gives freelancers complete control over what are the tasks that get tracked and also on the frequency basis.


Price: Basic, Free; $5/month for Pro; $49/month for Business

Toggl makers created this time-tracking tool with speed and usability in consideration. Work reports are tracked in real time, as long as you remember to turn it on. The app was built with team productivity in mind, so individual freelancers might run into some extraneous features. In short, Toggl takes the timesheets to the next level.


Price: $12/month for Solo; $49/month for Basic; $99/month for Business

This is another great time-tracking option for freelancers. It helps to track number of different projects at the same time, irrespective of the tasks and different rates. Harvest’s downside is that the application doesn’t include desktop monitoring options like an active application or URL tracking.

If you’re working with a team, you can even assign various tasks to a project to specific team members. In addition, it is easy to integrate if you’re working with other apps that help with remote work, like Basecamp.

Due time tracking

Price: Free

Due is an application that allows you to track time through automatic idle time detection. A new session will start immediately by just starting the timer. Freelancers can use Due time tracking software to generate invoices based on the hourly rates were set. This app also makes it easy to organize clients’ information by name, address, hourly rates, or even different currencies.

Rescue Time

Price: Free for RescueTime Lite; $9/month for Premium

This app is great for individual freelancers who want to know how they’re spending their time but don’t necessarily need to report back to any manager. Rescue Time app sets alerts to let you know when you spent a certain amount of time on an activity. It also logs highlights on what you accomplished during the day. (Rescue Time)

One great feature is the app blocks distracting websites by choosing an amount of time to focus and helps freelancers to finish their projects in real time. (Rescue Time)

These are the time tracking apps to be mentioned in particular. To know more about on the apps that are helpful in terms of productivity and finance aspects, please check out the following article.

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