5 Habits to double your freelance productivity

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When freelancing multiple projects, optimization is the key. Many freelancers are still searching on how to be more productivity. You think you have all the time as a freelancer, but, the reality takes a different turn if one doesn’t keep up to the time properly.

Freelancers need to develop habits that can double their productivity levels. In this way, they can make the most of their creative freedom.

Here are some of the habits that can double your freelance productivity.

Checklist method

Who doesn’t like a good number of project to-do tasks that are already lined up on a notepad or a checklist app. Checklist method helps to stay focused and freelancer knows what he/she is already doing with the project. This helps in getting things done sooner and to the required expectations.

Tip: Integrate the to-do tasks in the calendar and assign the time block and a deadline.

Wise automation

Now-a-days, one can automate the work using different apps, browser extensions and other online tools. From email marketing to managing client invoices, automation definitely helps freelancers to take off extra load so that they can focus on the work.

Automation saves a significant amount of time and definitely helps in boosting the productivity levels.

Want to know the best of time-tracking apps for freelancers, click here.

Set your productivity clock

Know which time works feasible and best for you? Are you a early riser or a night owl?

Ask questions and get to know your productivity clock. In that way, you can complete more tasks in less than required time.

Take breaks

Working longer hours continuously will lower your brain’s energy levels and can result in work chaos. Get yourself coffee, take 10-minute walk or a nap. This helps to hit the refresh button and come back again with fresh ideas. Some freelancers usually take a longer breaks during lunch time. However, different things works for different people. You know what’s best for you. But, do take a break.

Dedicated workspace

Dedicated workspace reduces distractions and keeps you in active work mode. You don’t have your work all over your house and this habit keeps your tasks run smoothly.

Tip: Using a portion of your home specifically for business purposes can lower your tax bracket.

These habits improve your overall well-being and make you feel good. Once you stick to your habits efficiently, it becomes a normal routine.








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