Ways customers can break the brand

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When customers are happy, it’s all good. Otherwise, they will express their reaction to as many people as possible. With the marketing tactics and media practices, brands sometimes they do take the product or service representation to the level that doesn’t suffice the positive image in the longer run.

There are number of ways customers can show their dissatisfaction. Here as follows:


Returns happen specially in case of products. It can be clothes or an electronic gadgets, when the product does not justify its true portrayed nature ( as shown in ads), customers will not hesitate to return the product in store or by shipping it. In a way, they are returning the brand and may or may not be purchasing the same brand in future.

Do you know that at least 30% of all products ordered online are returned as compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores.

Social media 

Gone are the days when brands dictated the one -way communication. But now, social media is drives the customer-brand communication in the most dramatic way.

Social sites such as Twitter and Facebook provide a public platform where customer can directly showcase their dissatisfaction and brands will know instantly about it. It takes very short time (ex: minutes)to buy the product, not liking it, getting on social media and expressing their reaction ( Sometimes in the form of Facebook reactions)

This will effect the marketers to deal with the varying image on social media.

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No future purchases

Some customers tend to remain calm but their buying mentality changes. They will not prefer to buy the products from the same brand in future. Not for atleast sometime. For brands, it is one less customer = one less loyalty

Start loving the competitors

As I mentioned above, if not this brand, customers choose to buy from the next best i.e. competitor. In a way, the negative reaction of one brand has helped the other brand in the most positive (profitable) way.

Here are few ways customers can break the brand reputation. Let me know if you think of any other way that customers can show their negative reaction towards brands.

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