Common misconceptions about graphic designing

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As every design is different from others, graphic designers constantly deal with the uniqueness and technicality of the design. But, there are few misconceptions in the outside market about graphic designing.

1.Graphic designing is fun

Graphic design job is mostly taken as a ” Fun and not so serious”.  Ugh! not true at all. Designers take hours or days to create a meaningful design.

2. Designers copy ideas.

This is the most popular misconception that I have come across. Designers take inspirations from surroundings such as nature, observing people etc. This is a designer’s attempt to come up with an innovative creative idea which is part of the job. But, It looks for outsiders to assume that designers copy someone else’s ideas

3. Graphic design can make you rich.

Yes, its true to certain extent. Everyone start with a clean slate and it takes the time to become a professional designers. For Full-timers, the average salary for a graphic designer is 695k in India, While $45000 in the US.  For freelancers, the average salary is $34.47/hr. Even though freelancers make money on the client basis, they invest a certain amount as a capital for their next project.

4. Graphic designers are natural born creative.

Not all of them. There are few who are being creative right from their childhood, but, when exposed to the right environment and influence, and tremendous hard work, people can develop the knack of taking creative aspects from the surroundings.

5.Anyone can be a graphic designer.

Graphic designing is not as easy as it is been portrayed.  It is both a lifestyle and an art to express the client’s expectations.  A graphic designer has to be updated with the latest market trends and techniques. Just knowing Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design tools don’t make you professional enough to be in this field. Moreover, a person has to be sociable and should have an open mind attitude to observe all walks of the surroundings.

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