Signs you are ready to raise your freelance rates

Freelancers, while working with clients on a regular basis, sometimes feel out of the way about the rates you are charged and what you can reasonably charge. But, when do you know about charging and changing the rate equation for your freelance business? Let’s look at it. When challenge becomes normal This is the ”... Read more

Interesting facts from Upwork Freelance survey 2017

Was going through the Upwork Freelance survey 2017 conducted based on the current American workforce.  This survey is conducted by independent research firm Edelman Intelligence and in partnership with Upwork and Freelancers Union, surveyed 6,000 U.S. workers to analyze the size of the growing freelance economy and the major role freelancers play in the future... Read more

Freelancing: Here are the 5 tips for negotiating high end rates

Freelancing is for the people who are interested to earn money at their comfortable pace. But, freelancing in the real world is far from perfect. To earn money at six figure rate, There are few things that freelancers need to follow in order to negotiate a better and high-end rate. Money earned by freelancers is... Read more

How to collaborate with other freelancers

Freelancers are generally known to be working remote and sole players in this gig economy. But, there are possibilities and ways to collaborate with other freelancers if you’re loaded with a big project or when you think you can contribute to more than one service. Collaborating with a freelancer can enrich the work quality, more... Read more

New to freelancing? Things you need to know

A 2016 study by Intuit says that the percentage of freelancing will rise to 40% (355 in 2016) in 2020. There are tribulations and challenges that comes with freelancing in parallel to the massive market opportunities. Here are the things people should know before entering the freelance arena. Know your market -work value Prior to... Read more