Best 5 time tracking apps for freelancers

Here are the top five time tracking apps for freelancers to increase their focus and productivity levels. Before checking the worthy apps, We need to understand why time tracking is important. The focus is everything. Especially in freelancing. Otherwise, one can lose the track of the time and can result in delayed projects. Ultimately, getting... Read more

Essentials needed on the freelancer’s desk

Being productive without 9-5 work-time constraint is exciting yet challenging part of freelancer’s life. What makes a freelancer’s life more productive and easy to execute things. Here are some of the essentials that are needed on the freelancer’s desk. Calendar A desk calendar or virtual calendar is important for freelancers to keep track of their... Read more

Tips to become a professional freelancer

One day, offices will become thing of the past. Love for work, passion-driven and living on their own terms and schedules, the professional freelancers are becoming the workforce of choice for many rising companies.  But becoming a pro freelancer takes time and commitment to work on few things. Here are some of the tips to becoming an... Read more

Signs you are ready to raise your freelance rates

Freelancers, while working with clients on a regular basis, sometimes feel out of the way about the rates you are charged and what you can reasonably charge. But, when do you know about charging and changing the rate equation for your freelance business? Let’s look at it. When challenge becomes normal This is the ”... Read more

Interesting facts from Upwork Freelance survey 2017

Was going through the Upwork Freelance survey 2017 conducted based on the current American workforce.  This survey is conducted by independent research firm Edelman Intelligence and in partnership with Upwork and Freelancers Union, surveyed 6,000 U.S. workers to analyze the size of the growing freelance economy and the major role freelancers play in the future... Read more