The Future of Work

Trends that will Shape the Future of Work Model

The future of work is buzzing everywhere at a rapid pace with the innovation and the adoption of new technologies. But, for many, this concept is fairly new. So, let’s dive in the definition of Future of Work: The future of work offers unparalleled opportunities, but also significant challenges. Globalization, technological progress, and demographic change... Read more

6000 freelance scientists have registered with this online startup

Established in 2015, Kolabtree is a London-based freelance hiring platform. The company’s database includes freelancers (many with PhDs) has expertise in medical, food and environmental science and over 2,000 other scientific disciplines. Till now, Kolabtree has supported over 2,400 projects. 6000 freelance scientists across 121 countries are associated with Kolabtree providing high-value freelance services. Companies/Organizations... Read more

Top freelancing trends to look forward in 2019

Top freelancing trends to look forward in 2019

The new methods of supporting the freelancing is increasing yearly. With the increasing demand of the digital talent, we will be seeing more innovation and change at its best in future. Facts about freelance market: The gig economy is now composed of 60 million workers, and it is now an ever bigger slice of the... Read more