How brands can benefit from emojis

We are living in the world of emojis, a universal way for people to communicate. Emojis are changing the way we speak and send our message in the most expressive manner. They reflect the emotional aspects of the message and it’s a science. In 2006, according to the research done at Tokyo Denki university, the field of... Read more

New techniques to improve brand growth in 2017

Companies strive to look our for new ways to engage the target audience, to improve the brand growth rate and set a difference from the competition. With the live streaming innovations, ephemeral content, Geo targeted advertising , 2016 has been the ride of new strategies to better your brand strategy and engage the customers at a... Read more

5 Star reviews: Too good to be true?

Companies strive to provide the perfect 360 degree product /service to customer experience and work towards attaining 5 star reviews. Highest reviews make or break the user perceptions towards product attributes.  In this digital age, reviews or ratings play an integral part of the shopper’s experience especially online. In prior to shopping in physical layouts such... Read more

Rough sketch to final design. Behind the scenes of logo designing process.

Ah, the logo designing process. Yes, it’s a process. But, how long it takes to get that finalized (approved) logo. Logo creation doesn’t happen overnight. Designers work on the idea in 360 degree pattern, takes time of trial & error, working with typography, fonts and colors. There are many designs and “final” drafts that designers... Read more

Top three alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a vector graphics editor , surely a genius tool from Adobe family. Designers showcase their skills on Illustrator platform to create logo designs, typography and icon design. This industry standard tool has helped the novice as well as expert designers to learn, create and showcase their creative skills. First developed for the Apple’s... Read more