How Facebook reactions can effect marketers in its way

Facebook reactions for users and audience are the way to express about what they exactly think or feel about the status or feed. This is a whole new opportunity for businesses. Brands can take a sign of relief that there is no dislike reaction included in one of those six reaction buttons. These Facebook reactions will... Read more

Top high-paying skills for graphic designers in India

Graphic designers work more on the creative side and many start with a bachelors degree in graphic design. Some work as a full-time employee in agencies and company in-house design department. Others work as freelancers and develop their own network of clientele. Graphic designers usually work full time, which is approximately 35-40 hours a week.... Read more

Mahesh Bhupathi co-owned sports apparel brand “Zeven” gets International Cricket Council (ICC) merchandise in 23 markets

Mahesh Bhupathi along with former Nike country head, Hemachandra Javeri own a sportswear startup company “Zeven” has got merchandise rights of International Cricket Council (ICC) in 23 markets. This deal makes a mark as the biggest multi-geographical bet on cricket gear till date. This four-year contract for the company has exclusive licence rights to apparel, accessories and... Read more

Coco-Cola #LiftTheFeeling featuring Deepika Padukone

Coco-Cola rolled out the #LiftTheFeeling TVC for this Summer conceptualized by World Group India, features Deepika Padukone. The story opens with Deepika Padukone being followed by photographers outside a hotel. She escapes them and enters an elevator which breaks down unexpectedly. A room service attendant in the same elevator promptly offers a chilled Coke to Deepika.... Read more

#boycottsnapchat trending: Context behind the “Poor India” remarks.

Snapchat, Inc has been facing strong allegations for the “supposed” remarks from the CEO Evan Spiegel. Anger boiled by some social media users over allegations by a former employee, Anthony Pompliano that its CEO once denies India and Spain as a priority International market for Snap, Inc . The claims emerged last week when a lawsuit... Read more