How brands are using Influential AI to find social media influencers

If you are a marketer who is looking to spread your brand message quickly, influencer marketing is on the best methods to tap on. As influencer marketing is the most useful phenomenon in the recent few years (With the advent of social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram etc), Brands and other talent agencies are searching... Read more

5 reasons to use content marketing to benefit your brand

Content marketing is one of the strategies that can be easily overlooked by business owners and individuals who look to develop their brand. But, it is one of the very powerful metric to consider. Before taking look at the benefits of content marketing, Let’s have a glance on some of the statistics given by Content... Read more

Strategies of luxury brand marketing

In today’s competitive market, luxury brands has to put their clever tactics to test and distinguish from the ordinary brands to retain its mystique and premium seal. With mainstream brands pushing up to the luxury segment, high end brands have to stay more focused. Here are some of the luxury brand marketing pointers: Customization for... Read more

Alan Peckolick, a distinguished typographer, dies at 76

Famous for developing the typeface for brands like Revlon and for universities like NYU, internationally recognized graphic designer and artist, Alan Peckolick died due to Parkinson’s disease on Aug. 3 in Danbury, Conn. He was 76. He is known for the typographic forms he created. His work included the typography for familiar logos such as... Read more