The Art of Stage- Oscars 2017

And the Oscar goes to…? As presented by the Hollywood esteemed celebrities to the winners of Oscars 2017, the 89th academy awards, it celebrated the diverse potential of many talents of cinema. Everything has to be in full-fledged perfection. Even, the stage. As the stage takes the major limelight cut, it embodies the Oscar’s brand... Read more

The Psychology of Fonts

Fonts like color and design play a huge role in creating brand identity and the longer memory patch. It creates a sense of difference to the logo that can long last in our brains. The types of fonts include: Sans Serif. Serif. Slab Serif. Script. Blackletter. Mono. Hand. Decorative. Here is the timeline of how fonts... Read more

Effect of 3D Printing on Designers

First became visible in 1980’s, 3D printing has lot to offer these days for the designers. As fast as the 3D printing industry is growing, soon, it is going to became a household product name and people can create the basic necessity prototypes and concept models. From making customized shape pancakes to the toys, the options are endless.  Check out the 3D printing process of custom... Read more

Portfolio Websites That Designers Can Make Use Of

For any designer, the reflection of his/her work is the portfolio.  Portfolio showcases the talent as well as the passion towards the designs. Here are the best portfolio websites that I have come across for designers. Squarespace  It’s clean and crisp designs makes Squarespace one fo my favourites. Its’s design templates come with hundreds of... Read more

Brands that will disappear in 2017

A brand is an iconic representation of the company’s vision, success and its longevity. When a company abandons its long-standing brand, usually it is a sign of failure in its progress or out of many reasons, it could be bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the most common reason for brands to vanish, and for this reason, many of... Read more