Top three alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

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Illustrator is a vector graphics editor , surely a genius tool from Adobe family. Designers showcase their skills on Illustrator platform to create logo designs, typography and icon design. This industry standard tool has helped the novice as well as expert designers to learn, create and showcase their creative skills.

First developed for the Apple’s Macintosh in 1986, the latest version, Illustrator CC 2017, is the twenty-first generation in the product line.

Adobe tool isn’t the only vector tool that is available in the market. Based on the standards and the quality standards, Here are the top three alternatives to Adobe Illustrator.

  1. CorelDraw X6
                         Corel Draw Graphics Suite X8

Corel Draw is by far the best alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Using Corel Draw, on can do everything that Illustrator does: Color experimentation, brushstrokes, using layers and compositions.

It also features the intuitive colour palette system and a fun set of vector shaping tools that allow you to distort basic vectors into more organic shapes. There’s the object styles, which can be applied to any element on your canvas including text – much as in Adobe’s software.

Corel Draw has the major advantage, it opens Microsoft publisher files, a major time-saver for designers who have clients to send the artwork files in that format.

Corel sells the Corel draw suite which includes 10,000 clip-art files, 1,000 high resolution stock images, 1,000 fonts and 350 templates as well a
s Corel’s alternative to Photoshop, Photo-Paint X6, and a website development tool. Now that’s the money saver tool right there.

You can download the suite for free trial or can download the full-version or upgrade  to the latest.



Sketch is the mac only vector editor app is the sleek alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Offering a full range of editing tools and web options as in one can copy the CSS files directly to the clipboard.

Text is rendered and the pixel preview mode helps you see exactly what you’ll get when you rasterise your artwork for the web.

There’s also support for multiple artboards. And unlike Illustrator,  these aren’t size constrained. However, there is no print option considering the comparison to Adobe Illustrator.

Download is available for free trail and  buy full version for $99.



Inkscape provides many free options and it uses the SVG as its main file format.

The user interface is simpler than Adobe Illustrator and helps designers to achieve the most sophisticated artwork possible. Offers full support for different colour modes means this is the suitable alternative to Illustrator  in both print and web design formats.


It has the highly capable SVG integration, supporting more advanced features. There are source binaries available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and compiled versions currently offered for Windows and Linux.

Available for download on Windows, Linus, Mac OS x.

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