This is How AI can Impact the Brand Marketing Process

How AI can impact the brand marketing

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An AI tag to a brand can boost the customer’s purchasing decision. As Ben Lamm stated in AdWeek that,  ” By 2025, most brand experiences will be delivered using AI”.

The question is how many brands will sustain until then.

In this pacy world, there is a constant change in the technology and the customer’s perception towards products and services. Marketers are competitively working in ways to improve their branding efforts. During this journey, there can be inconsistency and irrelevance factors that can make or break the brand perception. This is where AI comes in picture.

AI can help brands in cost optimization efforts. It bridges the budget gap by deciphering the exact data for marketers to send product recommendations or offers. This is much better than taping on to  larger audience with higher inaccuracy in purchase rates.

In a way, AI can disrupt the brand building process and bring order to the chaotic nature that brands play. It helps to decipher data and improve brand interactions in a more personalized way. This can enhance the repeat purchases rate and consistency in delivering the brand message. When consistency plays a role, there will be more happy customers.

A prediction by Gartner that 20 percent of the business content will be authored by machines in 2018. Hence, AI is already making its presence in the customer journey with brands.

Today, customers prefer more personalized content than a generic content. For example, Netflix uses AI to power the personalization strategy that shows recommendations to their users based on what they like rather than what they should watch.

Today, AI allows marketers to streamline their marketing efforts within businesses. It adds an extra layer of customer engagement process and shapes the interactive platform between customers and brands.

Also, Adding AI can significantly reduces the deploy and test time for personalized campaigns at a massive scale. Therefore, brands have no choice but to adopt the AI to change the brand landscape in the future.

As one can say, marketing without AI is no marketing at all.

Fun fact: 72% of business executives use digital assistants.

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