The Art of Stage- Oscars 2017

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And the Oscar goes to…?

As presented by the Hollywood esteemed celebrities to the winners of Oscars 2017, the 89th academy awards, it celebrated the diverse potential of many talents of cinema. Everything has to be in full-fledged perfection. Even, the stage. As the stage takes the major limelight cut, it embodies the Oscar’s brand representation. So, who designed the stage of the world’s top award ceremony, the Oscar.

For the last five years, Broadway production designer, Derek Mclane, has had the responsibility of creating the sets. This year, the stage represented the glory of Hollywood’s golden age,with geometric , bold forms made of glass metallics, included about 3,00,000 Swarovski crystals.

Photo: Courtesy of Derek McLane for Oscars 2017

Eleven towering Oscar statuettes, seen in the center of the sketch, are formed by individual strands of Swarovski crystals. Derek McLane and team used about 150,000 crystals in the strands. Swarovski is no stranger to the Oscars stage and more than one million crystals have been used in the ceremony over the last ten years. “Swarovski has a long history in cinema, going back to the early days of Hollywood,” says Nadja Swarovski, who joined the Swarovski family firm in 1995.

Photo: Courtesy of Derek McLane for Oscars 2017


These six structures, which McLane calls “wire towers,” have the ability to turn and move across the entire stage. These are the moving parts allowing the flexibility to put various looks to keep the audience engaged. “They feel really Hollywood Regency to me,” says McLane, during an interview for Architectural Digest.

Derek McLane, Photo: Academy

McLane named the design in his own way,”the moon portal”.  The stage constitutes very closely mirrors something  Cedric Gibbons and has a slightly Eastern feeling to it. It epitomize the style and influence of the Art Deco movement. McLane was inspired by such iconic architecture when designing this magnificent set.

The five year Oscar stage decor by Derek McLane can be seen here.

Derek McLane is an American set designer for theater, opera, and television. To know more about Derek McLane, check his profile here.



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