Why a business should start podcast as part of branding

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Podcast is a great way to promote audio content and a powerful information sharing tool to the audience at mass level.In a way, podcast conveys direct messaging to the listener.It really helps businesses to create a unique branding feature to stand out in the crowd. Do you know:

On average, people spend 4 hours a day listening to audio. 

(Salesforce blog)

That’s good enough for businesses to notch up their branding efforts.  Here is why businesses need to start podcasting as part of branding.

Easy to make  (No many steps involved)

If you have a good headphone set and a microphone, you’re all set.Equipment is easily available and less priced.  Podcasts involves less complications and easily handled with the editing software. (There are free editing software versions) These is one of the major appealing factor for startups and small businesses to execute podcasts as part of their branding efforts.

Podcasts are super engaging

Internet is full of content, especially written. Podcasts are a great way to establish a unique way of distributing content in an audio format. In addition, podcasts engage with audience at a broader level and develops a positive influence on the buyer’s purchasing behavior.

Alternative to the video format

Some businesses don’t have enough budget to create video content format that stands out. This can go only right if handle or represented the brand more carefully. This is where podcasts comes into picture.

Improves traffic generation

Creating and using podcasts consistently improves traffic over a period of time. If the content delivery and the messaging is inline with the brand statement, listeners do subscribe to the channel and becomes loyal. With their word-of-mouth, new audience do tend to listen and eventually improves the user traffic to your podcast.

So, have you started using podcast as your branding tool. Let me know in the comments.



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