New techniques to improve brand growth in 2017

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Companies strive to look our for new ways to engage the target audience, to improve the brand growth rate and set a difference from the competition. With the live streaming innovations, ephemeral content, Geo targeted advertising , 2016 has been the ride of new strategies to better your brand strategy and engage the customers at a much deeper level in 2017.

Here are some of the innovative and engaging strategies to be used to improve your brand growth.

Live streaming

Facebook and Twitter have started the live streaming process. This way Brands (Can be individual or company) can take advantage of this wonderful feature to connect with the audience directly at the moment and take Q&A’s in detailed manner. In this way, the reality will be much closer between brand and the customer.

                                                                 Digital Tourism Think Tank

Brands represented by companies or individual brands can broadcast any type of content. Live streaming will benefits brands with higher engagement rate and sales conversions.

If you think you need the brand expansion at a faster pace, Live streaming is your go to strategy.

Geo targeted advertising

                                                   Sun Times Advertising

This strategy will ensure to display your brand at the right place and right moment. You can market the brand to your customers in a defined area. By displaying customized ads, new audience will become customers by showing offers that they can make use of in their nearby neighborhood.

Geo targeted advertising helps to connect the brand closer to its customers. Also, make sure to exclude locations where the targeted audience will not be.

Ephemeral content

If you are looking to engage audience in a casual manner and wants to create bite-sized content, this is the way to implement. Ephemeral content is creating post or content that disappears after 24 hours. Snapchat has the disappearing posts feature. Also, Instagram introduced ephemeral content in the summer of 2016 with its Instagram stories. This strategy will open to a whole new set of audience.

                                                      All Things D, Snapchat

Showing ephemeral content sounds unattractive proposition to many marketers but, if this is where the target audience is, then , this is where your brand should too. In a way, brand gets its the cool identity by showing the posts that are spontaneous and grounded in the present. The audience will also like to connect with your brand as there will be freshly brewed content everytime when they check out. Posts can include GIFs, videos, brand announcement teasers and snippets from events.

Influencer marketing

This is the biggest trend that companies are marketing its products. Taking the history, celebrities endorsed the brands and with their name and fame , it helped company brands to get its reach and has good expansion rate.

But, these days everything is going digital. We can find many influential creators on online channels like YouTube, Instagram etc. Companies collaborate for branded content endorsements with influencers to showcase their brand and show its practical usage. Endorsements will be specific to the influencer’s field which includes Food, Fitness, Beauty etc.


                                                                 Filter Copy, YouTube Channel in India endorsed its brand on short video content YouTube channel called FilterCopy.

Neato BotVac , a robot vaccum is endorsed on CleanMySpace channel on youtube. Channel is started by Melissa Maker. In this video, practical applications of the Neato BotVac is showcased to engage the audience through its influencer. (Melissa Maker) as the channel is related to the clean management.

                            Melissa Maker- Clean My Space Channel

Virtual realty – the next channel of growth

As Oculus releasing its first consumer product this year and expected to sold 25 million units by 2018 according to Gartner. There will be a prime set of audience where the marketers can target its brands through VR devices.

One example is Marriott Hotels. It introduced the virtual travel teleported phone booth in 2014, a 4D “sensory experience” that uses the Oculus Rift VR headset to transport someone to a destination, but without actually going there.

Another is Dior. Dior Eyes is an innovative new retail concept pioneered by the iconic French fashion house that will serve as an immersive way to interact with clients. Check out the Dior Eyes in the video.


Once users are immersed in content they really love, the user experience of ads will become seamless and because the medium is so engaging and emotional, users could well be primed to purchase the products.

These are some of the new ways to get more traffic, to improve brand growth this year, now, it’s time to start experimenting with your brands.

Any other trend that I’m missing on. Please let me know with your comments.


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