Netflix’s new trailer “Abstract: The Art of Design” enters the designer’s world

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Netflix’s new trailer ” Abstract: The art of design” has taken its scope far beyond and following in the footsteps of its previous documentary ” Chef’s Table”. In short, looks like a Chef’s Table, but without food. This new documentary will unveil knowledge in areas as varied as graphic design, architecture, illustration, photography, shoe design and many others. It will focus on the work of one master within each field such as Paula Scher, Bjarke Ingels, Christoph Niemann, Platon and Tinker Hatfield).


The Art of Design was produced by Wired‘s departing editor-in-chief Scott Dadich, who has written a hard-hitting advertorial about the show for the magazine and website. Dadich announced his departure from Wired last month (he’s leaving to start his own design firm) and will be replaced by The New Yorker‘s Nicholas Thompson.

In this eight-episode series, Abstract follows the filmmaking process similar to Chef’s Table. It will be the talking heads interview format and episodes reflects the journey of the Gifted. Eccentric. Visionary artists. The  long processes of artist’s work will be explained in a digestible summary.  The Abstract will be screening its first episode at Sundance on Jan. 21 and hitting Netflix on Feb. 10.

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