Importance Of Storyboarding: Useful Yet Overlooked?

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Storyboarding is an essential phase of any creative process. But, this is not limited to video or image related content. Storyboards act as the blueprint and a great visual communicator across the in-house as well as remote teams. It helps individuals or teams to create engaging content.

Storyboards involve subject outlining. It sets the first draft and walks through the content with great ease and flow. It gives the certainty and clearly intended message to the client in the end.

When working in a team environment, it helps everyone to be on the same page. Storyboarding saves tons of time and creates 50 percent fewer problems.

Getting started to storyboard

First, the basic requirement of the storyboard is to choose the right template. You can create one or choose from the existing templates from the popular resources like StoryboardThat or apps such as Paper, Storyboarder or Storyboard Studio. But, opt what works for you.

Now, start mind-mapping your content using sketches, drawings or content outlining.  Powerful imagery takes your brainstorming activity to a whole other level.

Finally, repeat and turn your storyboarding in a scalable process. This makes your content more structured and methodical.

Helpful tips & hints:

  • Don’t overthink the details in the first pass.
  • Use more symbols. For example, square symbols for books and oval for faces.
  • Instead of detailing every part. It creates clutter and frustration. Use categories or icons to simplify the concept.
  • Don’t narrow your thought just because you’re working within small boundaries.

Finally, storyboarding is something I see as more of a productivity resource as it gives the flexibility to craft the work ahead of time instead of making important changes in the last minute.

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