How is brand engagement look like in 2020?

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Engaging with the customers is the far custom that is followed in marketing. Companies need to change the way in the brand engagement process.  Digital transformation is a necessity for the companies to sustain its branding efforts in a long run. In this way, brands will adapt, and pivot their way in the future of 2020.

Rising use of technology

Internet will be more normalized in 2020. The digitization will be spread across 2.5 billion smartphones across the world. In a way, smartphones will be the catalyst between brands and consumers.

Data, Data and Data

With the advent of data science usage, brands can selectively narrow down their consumer’s demographics and lifestyle attributes. In a way, data science is responsible for illustrating customer personas and can achieve the challenges involved in the brand engagement process.

Content marketing takes its turn.

Content marketing will turn the course in the brand storytelling process. It’s less and less about your own product and more and more about what consumers can do with that product. This will make the customers feel as there are the part of the brand journey and helps in customer preference of one brand over the another.


Content is required but it should be well-designed and have the perfect storyboard. There’s a definite difference in impact between a simple story and an engaging story. In a way, Designers will play an increasingly important role in the years to come.

In near future, brands will become more adept at short-form messaging, catered towards a strong contribution or a conversation between the user and their friends and family. 



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