How Facebook reactions can effect marketers in its way

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Facebook reactions for users and audience are the way to express about what they exactly think or feel about the status or feed. This is a whole new opportunity for businesses. Brands can take a sign of relief that there is no dislike reaction included in one of those six reaction buttons.

These Facebook reactions will simply allow expressions of like, love, laugh, wowed, saddened, or angered by your post. The feature will work similarly for mobile users, but users will hold down the Like button instead of hovering over it. But, how will these Facebook reactions can effect the marketers? Let’s dive in the pros and cons.


Engage, engage, engage 

It’s new, interesting content marketing opportunity. Brands can initiate unique engagement practices depending on the previous reactions. Facebook reactions is a treat to marketers where they can gather more information from the audience and users in relate to the content and sponsored posts then ever before.

For marketers, positive reactions makes it more exciting about the future posts and negative reactions will help them to be alert and make sure to work on the Facebook content framework.

Full breakdown of Facebook insights

In terms of your Facebook page’s insights, you can see the full breakdown of reactions for each of your posts by finding the post and clicking on it. In this way, marketers will be able to know what the expectations and what users exactly want from them.

There are other metrics platform like Quintly, an online social media analytics tool to help you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance.


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Put extra work on creativity

Facebook reactions are new and a very interesting concept. In the world of emojis, there is lot of creativity involved in terms of how to engage and make sure the brand always gets the expected reactions from the users. In this case, creative team should let flow their creative juices.

Revised KPI’s

Company’s agency or social media team has to revise the KPI metrics of their business Facebook page as the regular likes, comments and share number analysis won’t be enough.

The impact of angry button

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The challenge for the brands is to look for the ways to interact with the users who reacted with angry face. Not just for that particular posts, marketers should be able to come up with a plan on dealing with the angry engagement for the future posts.

We might expect that expressing anger or sadness about a certain thing means that they don’t want to see it. But it actually means there’s more chance of it showing up again, since posts with high engagement are privileged by Facebook’s algorithm.

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