How cryptocurrency can improve your marketing efforts

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Dear Businesses,

Have you thought of adding cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods?

Companies like Overstock, Microsoft, Shopify, PayPal started accepting cryptocurrency payment method. Although it’s relatively new concept, cryptocurrency is making its way in multiple industries of the fact that it has lower transaction costs and secure.

According to Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken the market is soon to hit $1 Trillion by this year end. Read more

Wait, what is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of blockchain technology , that bitcoin and other worldwide ledger systems are based on. It is an open and shared databased that works in a decentralized network format. This allows users to transact anonymously without security risks. Read more

This is how cryptocurrency helps to improve your marketing efforts.

Lower transaction costs

Businesses usually follow the payments methods that allows the transaction to go through he hank. Accepting crypto payments can be a sign of relief as this payment gateway serves lower transaction costs with no middlemen. This can be a great touchpoint during marketing campaigns as companies can advertise to the customers that switching to a new payment system will allow to lower prices and offer discounts.

Reputation as forward-thinking and futuristic

As an early adopter of accepting this new payment, your business will gain reputation as futuristic and more progressive when to compare to other businesses within the industry.

Competitive edge

Accepting cryptocurrency will instantly differentiate your business from the competitors and can increase the market share. This reputation will be beneficial to your brand.

Crypto-community support

The community on the internet will support and spreads the news among friends and other community members. Luckily, if the community demographics and other market attributes matches to your target market specifics, then your company market will goes up and creates a new revenue along the process.Also, your company will be the buzz topic among the community discussion forms. The more active the discussion, the more attention to your brand.

Hence, Cryptocurrency serves the best of both areas i.e. improving marketing efforts and optimizing financial goals. This results in greater growth as benefits tend to rise.

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