How brands can leverage emotions to get people to purchase

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Building brands that appeals directly to the consumer’s mood and emotions is called emotional branding. Emotions play an important role in establishing the long term sustainability of brands in the market. It also makes people to get more closer with the brands.

Considering the contemporary research, it suggests that there are overall 6 emotions that humans feel: Happy, Sad, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Surprise.

So, let’s see how brands use emotions to get people to buy their products.

1. Happy

Happiness is the most frequently used emotion in the ads. It imbibes the positive concepts such as love, playfulness , family bonding etc.

                           Source: CLH Brand Management

2. Sad

In attracting audience towards the social issues, brands use sadness emotion to create empathy in the minds of the viewers. This emotion can be used effectively in the funding, pharmaceutical ads etc

                    Source: UNICEF, Middleweb

3. Anger

Anger is an emotion that has negative connections. It spurs action and make audience wake up to certain topics. It makes viewers to reconsider their perspectives and let ask important questions.

              Source: University of Brighton

4. Disgust

This is an emotion that makes people to feel bad about themselves. This is used by the brands to sell medications,”miracle” diet plans, remedies etc.

                                                Source: Advertising Age


5. Fear

Fear is used to let people get away from harmful habits or behaviors such as smoking, drugs etc

                                                   Source: Chillout Point

6. Surprise

Surprise is an emotion that is used in combination with other emotions that are either positive or negative.


                                                        Source: Emolytics

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