Effect of 3D Printing on Designers

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First became visible in 1980’s, 3D printing has lot to offer these days for the designers. As fast as the 3D printing industry is growing, soon, it is going to became a household product name and people can create the basic necessity prototypes and concept models. From making customized shape pancakes to the toys, the options are endless.  Check out the 3D printing process of custom shape pancakes here .

Then, What does 3D printing means for designers?

Living in the world of 3D printing mania, the efficiency will increase with the 3D designs. With minimal consumption of time and without wasting valuable money in a larger scale, designers can reflect their ideas through a series of multiple 3D designs, test and adjust before the final approval. in a way, designers can generate multiple opportunities.

To get the exact look and feel of the design, designers are specific about the design format (Style, pointers, typography etc) . With 3D printing, designers use hands-on approach and can prototype their designs to present their ideas vs the traditional method of crafting their designs.

Also, companies have already started designing their own products. There is more scope in creativity and innovation than ever. Companies like Nike, General Electric are using 3D printing process to create an impact on its product designs and propelling the technology to its mainstream market. One great example that reflects the time saving process using 3D printing is the company Ford. Since 1980’s , Ford has been using 3D technology printed its 500,000th part using 3D printer i.e. the engine cover for the Ford Mustang in 2014.

With this 3D printing usage, the design-to-product timelines for the designers will be completely prior vs the traditional design process schedule.

The future looks promising for the designers as the ability to create and replicate designs on demand is increasing.  3D printing will impact designers at the centre of key sectors that thrive for innovation and unique product designs.





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