Combination hacks: How to choose the right font-pairs

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No matter how simple the design is or how much the design gives its aesthetic appeal, poor font-pairs can make the overall design loop-sided and unfinished.

In general, you should not use not more than 3 fonts (maximum) in a single design. Choosing fonts takes a major edge over a font that looks good. Here are some of the combination hacks to choose the right font-pairs from the designer’s toolkit.

Pair fonts of different weights

                                                    Source: Canva design school

Pairing a heavy font with a light-weight font can provide that impact and balance out the text in your design. Sometimes, instead of focusing on the design patterns within different font families, maybe, weight can be a deciding factor.

Pairing similar looking fonts


   Source: Undullify

Pairing fonts that are similar but not the exact can create some discomfort levels. If the fonts are too similar, viewers might think they are one and the same but something is putting off with the overall look.

Serifs-Sans Serif: Contrast is the cupid

Source: Undullify

This is the most common font-pairing hack. Contrast is the cupid. The style factor of a nice serif font can contrast beautifully with the straightforwardness of a sans serif. Apart from creating the contrast , having the variation in the look attributes such as weights of the fonts, the type of font, the size, and their proportions, makes the design little more elegant.

No Unity

                                                  Source: Medium

Fonts that got nothing in common will almost never look good together. That’s what make the two fonts a pair! When pairing, ensure to get the similarity in the weight,the style, or the design proportions.

Font-pairing is tricky. But, when you get it right, that what makes you from an amateur designer to an amazing one.

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