Check out the Apple’s new Christmas holiday ad

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It’s about connection and transfer of love through music. The following is the Apple’s new Christmas holiday ad, where the story includes a woman who is walking down the snow-dusty street and she briefly stops and gets on to her iPhone X with the ear pods on and listens to Sam Smith’s ” Palace “.  While listening, she gracefully dances using the street as the private stage.

The story adds the flavor when she bumps to a stranger and shares her ear pod in his ears, creating a connection and then both move together with an intense dance emotion. Here’s how the ad takes the end. As the couple draws near for a kiss, the magical darkness gives way to the raw light of reality. None of this has happened. They are simply strangers who bumped into each other, but who feel the tug of what could be.  (AdWeek)

The ad concludes by stating “Move someone this holiday”.

Check out the ad below:

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Tha stars performed in the ad are real-life married professional dancers who met while auditioning for a dance company in New York.

Apple’s holiday ads seem like “a greeting card from the brand to the world,” which is an apt description.


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