Brand building in the age of millennials

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I’m a millennial. I purchase what I want sometimes and it doesn’t necessarily means it’s a brand. I am willing to buy what matters to me.

I guess this is somehow the situation with most of the millennials. They make fewer traditional store shopping trips (Hello! online shopping) and quick enough to adapt new trends.

Brands need to be accountable to their expectations, buying preferences and increasing purchasing power. Hence, the brand building process is to be set with higher authenticity in the age of millennials.

Millennials love technology

This generation has grown up with technology and it became a normal part of their lives.  They love the social media and that includes watching videos and sharing content. So, brands need to leverage the smart technology aspects in terms of posting engaging content and being part of online trends.

They expect authenticity

Transparency plays an important role here. They want brands to be more interactive and engaging. So, companies should start using social media more where everyone and everything is knowable.

Promote values, not just product

A good way to get millennial’s attention is to take a stand on something that truly matters. Factors like ethical standards and socially responsible are something brands need to work on. They look for more in brands. A touch of social and moral value to the product will be helpful in gaining the millennial’s loyalty.

Relevancy is the key

Not that companies need to be more relevant in every tweet and post. The content has to line up with the millennial’s needs and wants. Instead of looking to make quick bucks, companies need to provide something of value and content specific.

Preferences change for every generation. When brands adapt to the generation specific needs and wants, output will be successful and companies will sustain for longer run.





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