Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) Report 2017: 75% of Consumers Prefer Ad Personalisation

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Adobe released its Digital insights report 2017 (ADI) , a report on the Indian digital advertising industry in Mumbai on 4 May. Between Feb 1-17, 2017, this survey considered responses from 3000 consumers from India, South Korea and Australia. also, over 300 digital marketers i.e. about 100 per country in India and South Korea, 75 in Australia considering their views on advertising.

    Source: ET Brand Equity

Mickey Mericle, Vice-President, Marketing and Customer Insights, Adobe, highlighted these findings of the ADI report to reflect on India’s rapid digital transformation phase and demonstrate how consumers’ increasingly online behavior patterns are changing the dynamics of marketing in the country.

The survey results reflected on the key trends around customer experience, content, data and culture. Mickey Mericle, the vice president for marketing and customer insights, Adobe has revealed the findings of the report.

1. Indian consumers want personalisation  

In the survey, it has been revealed that Indian consumers want more personal connectivity in the ads than any other consumer segment in the world. Also, there has been more preference for online ads in terms of usefulness and relevance to traditional advertisements.

75% of the Indian consumers would like to see ad personalisation. For more survey details on ad personalisation, check here.

2. Mobile is the future

Survey says that % of the viewing time on mobile devices is tend to be higher in India i.e. 34% (To be more higher when millennials are considered i.e. 41%) when compared to Australia 22% and South Korea 29%.

3. Brands are trusted with more data

Indian consumers are most likely be comfortable with the brands to use their data for ad personalisation and relevance.

4. ROI measurement

India is the country that leads in where third-party measurement is required in advertising.

Some of the other findings include:

  • TV beats out online tactic in India. Social media and online search trends are said to be top online tactic.
  • When it comes to effective targeting, digital marketers major concern tends to be around technology related to pulling customer data together into usable forms.
  • Personalisation and relevance are seen as a better way for ads, more than anything marketers could do.
  • Indian advertisers are particularly keen on programmatic. 25-38% of Indian advertisers spend more than 50% of their budget on this in any given channel. Targeting , mix allocation and transparency are seen as the top three benefits in programmatic advertising.

Source: Adobe Digital Insights, INDIA ADVERTISING REPORT 2017

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