5 ways to share brand storytelling on Instagram stories

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Your brand storytelling must be extraordinarily different from the competition. It sets apart and creates a unique identity to your brand.  Thanks to its already enormous audience of more than 500 million users, Instagram stories has quickly become the top choice for brands to experiment with 24-hour content. Short time with fresh updated content everyday can be more refreshing for people and the interest will sustain.

Here are the five ways to share your brand story on Instagram stories.

Exclusive offers 

Stories can be great way of offering exciting sale and offers that can influence the customer’s purchase intent. When you create a sotyr, this will send your followers notifications and will look exclusive in their eyesight and customers will feel priviledged.


If you’re launching a new product or have an upcoming event, why not start a countdown notifications. It will create the excitement and spike audience interest. By the time big day arrives, customers will be very eager to participate or to buy your new product.

Product or service in action

when creating a storytelling process, utilize the brand’s product or service which is current in action.

This is an excellent way to generate the excitement among audience the latest version of the product.

Let influencers talk about your brand

Working with influencers is one of the best ways to engage and connect with the younger generation audience. Ask them to upload 10-second video or photos talking about brand products that can be uploaded directly to Instagram by your team.


Another way to spread brand storytelling process is toalert about the livestreams that are happening n other social media platforms such as Facebook. Cross-promotions are every important and livestreams can build up anticipation and also viewership for other platforms where the brand doesn’t have much following.

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