5 reasons to use content marketing to benefit your brand

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Content marketing is one of the strategies that can be easily overlooked by business owners and individuals who look to develop their brand. But, it is one of the very powerful metric to consider.

Before taking look at the benefits of content marketing, Let’s have a glance on some of the statistics given by Content Marketing Institute 2017 research insights.

  • Eight-five percent of top performers deliver content consistently, compared to 58% of the overall sample and 32% of bottom performers.
  • Eighty-eight percent of the top performers measure content marketing ROI
  • Only 46% of respondents have such a strategy of documenting the content marketing efforts and consider it as a business asset.

Content marketing: Why it matters

The above facts may still leave questions on why exactly content marketing is essential to your brand. So, Let’s look at the following benefits on why content marketing is so essential.


Your brand content is an effective way to share your expertise and knowledge. The fact is that it helps to engage with your target audience at a relatively low cost. (less than expensive ads or emails). It takes time to develop the brand content but you own it, you can repost and distribute the content across various channels.

It is a conversational way to engage with your audience without the ad interruptions and pretty much you can have the audience attention to the fullest and let your message reach to them completely.

SEO rankings

Search engines like Google, Bing give importance to the better and fresh quality content which is actually useful to the audience particularly when the content give answers exactly to the questions people are asking. In a way, better content leads to the better rankings.

Returns over time

This is a long term process. Once your brand started delivering the content on a consistent basis, the traffic rate will increase to the website and getting more views (i.e. relevant) on the content. It will take time to hit the traffic in large numbers, but, once you do, the returns will be increasing.

Other digital marketing benefits

Good content will increase the other digital marketing ( social media/email) campaigns in terms of new content postings and other brand campaigns. With email campaigns, it can increase the sign up/ call-to action distribution lists and letting more audience to open the email and can lead more traffic to your website. Also, it will increase the visibility of the brand.

With all these efforts, Content marketing can have a tremendous effect over time.



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