5 interesting tutorials in 2017 to level up your graphic design skills

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For all the products in the market, if seen in a 360-degree view, few aspects do have the common pattern. From logo designing to the packaging of the product, the product’s face and the fate based on the skills of the graphic designers.

However experience or knowledgeable you are, its a never-ending learning process in the graphic design.

With the outburst of new technologies, features, and other creative tools, You should not be missing out on a new trick that could save you time and energy which can help you to improve on the design work.

The fact to know: Employment of graphic designers is expected to grow 13 percent, as fast as the average for all occupations from 2008 to 2018, as demand for graphic design continues to increase from advertisers and computer design firms. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition)

Here are the 5 new tutorials in 2017 to level up your graphic design skills:

Designing graphic figures

                  Creative Bloq

Illustrator Ben O’Brienn in the 10-step tutorial explains the process of designing graphic figures that can fit into a scene seamlessly. The tutorial gives you the idea of paying meticulous attention to body language, physical proportions and positioning different parts of the body.

Create an endless picture in picture illusion

                                                                                      Tuts Plus design

This is the concept which is an optical illusion where it can’t help but catches the viewer’s eye and mind. This tutorial by Melody Nieves explains how to use simple photo manipulation techniques to create the effect.

Add a video to the interactive PDF’s

                                                                  Creative Bloq

Yes, you can add videos to the PDF’s, but, here’s how to do it.

Everyone knows about the basic work on the PDFs, but there are far more advanced options that you can create to make the PDF more engaging and fun. It’s now possible to embed videos in PDFs, and this tutorial by Pariah Burke explains exactly how to go about it.

Design your own font

                                 Tuts Plus design

Yes, from start to finish. In this intermediate level tutorial, Yulia Sokolova explains the process of creating her first font, Bananito, from start to finish. This tutorial covers everything from drawing the initial design, transferring the drawing to the computer, and using software such as FontLab or Glyphs, a new and own font can be created.

Design a book cover using InDesign


In this tutorial, there are 11 steps that Laura Hawk explains that you need to follow to ensure a perfect book cover using Adobe InDesign. Steps include everything from setting up the template, the bleed and arranging the cover panels to adding the bar code and flowing in the copy.

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