How brands are using Influential AI to find social media influencers

If you are a marketer who is looking to spread your brand message quickly, influencer marketing is on the best methods to tap on.

As influencer marketing is the most useful phenomenon in the recent few years (With the advent of social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram etc), Brands and other talent agencies are searching and wrangling up on the impressive talent pool as early as possible.

But, one flaw with this method is that the opportunities are only be offered to the influencers simply because these were the influencers that the agency represented, rather than finding the best talent, using data or analytics. An influencer named Ryan Detert recognized these flaw with the agencies and he built a solution that could address these issues. He and a partner, Dan Steele, worked with a team of developers to create Influential, an influencer technology platform, focused on data and analytics. The idea of a connecting data and first of its platform brought to attention with brands and Influential quickly grew to a team of over 90 employees. It has offices in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and NYC and an impressive network of over 10,000 of the most highly engaged influencers across social media channels.

The Influential Platform identifies influencer on social media using these three factors:

1. Demographics 

2. Contextual relevance

3. Psychographics

So, first, with demographics, Influential is able to identify factors like age, gender, geographic location, race, and affinities to zero in on the ideal influencer. From there, Influential basis it’s study upon contextual relevance to see if an influencer speaks about the brand or company on their social media platform and check whether if their interests align with the brand or company’s ideas and context.

With its partnership with IBM Watson,  Influential uses psychographics to match influencers with brands or companies through their personality traits and archetypes.

Influential is currently working to integrate additional IBM Watson’s APIs into its platform. Recently, Influential has added Alchemy and Tone Analyzer to its list of APIs that it uses, with plans for more, later in the year. (IBM Cognitive Business blog on Medium)

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